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Interesting websites

National Autistic Society —

The National Autistic Society produce some very useful leaflets and online resources on Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.  They run a helpline.

Autism Education Trust —

The AET helps raise awareness of the importance of appropriate educational provision for children and young people on the autism spectrum. The website has information about training opportunities, web based resources and examples of good practice.

Websites written by people with autism

Temple Grandin —

Temple Grandin is an American professor of animal science, author and world renowned speaker about autism.

The Curly Hair Project (CHP) —

A site by Alis Rowe aims to help women and girls with ASD and their families communicate and understand each other better.

My Perfectly Imperfect Family —

Rosie King is a young ambassador for the National Autistic Society and is dedicated to raising positive awareness about autism. This website is about her ‘perfectly, imperfect’ family.

Luke Jackson on Autism —

Luke Jackson comes from a family of eight, many of whom are also on the spectrum, Luke grew up around Autism from a very young age. Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and Dyspraxia himself, he writes about his experiences with a view to helping people who live with it too.