Improving Quality of Life Through a Sensory Intervention Programme

Improving Quality of Life Through a Sensory Intervention Programme

Joy and Kay were invited to deliver a workshop at the International Congress exploring the sensory difficulties exhibited by children with an autistic spectrum disorder and raised awareness of the possible significance of these difficulties on the children’s learning and behaviour.

They described an action research project that took place in a special school which investigated the impact of sensory intervention activities. Sensory activities will be described that we have found beneficial and could be undertaken at home or incorporated into the school curriculum to reduce anxiety and maximize learning. Children with autism often appear in a ‘world of their own’ and have difficulty using their senses to explore their environment.

The research project:

  • Investigated the prevalence of sensory difficulties through parent and practitioner questionnaires.
  • Considered how sensory processing in children with autism impacted on the child’s ability to access the learning environment and on their behaviour.
  • Developed a programme of sensory experiences for children with autism to maximise learning opportunities.
  • Measured the impact of such a programme through observation checklists and interviews with practitioners.


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