Joy and Kay presented a workshop at the Medica CPD Conference

Deficit or difference- changing attitudes to Autism

With the increasing numbers of people receiving an Autism diagnosis it is vital to increase understanding of Autism in both education and the wider community.

Autobiographical works by people with Autism have been published and are helping us see Autism through the eyes of a person with Autism. There have been changing views on Autism since it was first described by Leo Kanner and there is currently much debate surrounding the Autism label as to whether it is a disability or a difference. Our presentation considered the enduring legacies of Kanner and Asperger, describing psychological theories that have developed over time and the exciting research currently being undertaken looking at the workings of the brain through neuro imaging. Strategies and interventions were suggested in the light of research into good practice in Autism education and how through making adaptations we can support an individual with Autism.